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Sean Edwards

TO: Independent Authors
RE: A New Revolutionary Form of Publishing

Hello friend!

My name is Sean Edwards, owner and operator of Edwards Publishing House. 

The world around us is changing faster than we ever thought possible.

Especially the world of publishing.

And this means exciting things for independent authors.

For the first time in history anyone can publish their own books and make them available to hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

This Directly Affects How Your
Book Gets Out There

Amazon.com announced last year that their ebook editions of books were outselling paperback and hardback editions combined.

This is a radical shift in how people read books.

Physical books will always be with us, but this shift has fundamentally changed how books are published.

Seeing the trend, Amazon made it easy for independent authors to publish on the Kindle (the most used e-reader out there).

This was a such huge success that they also launched Creatspace, which allows authors to print books on-demand (by Amazon) and have them show up in the Amazon Store.

You no longer need a big publishing company to get your book in front of millions of potential readers.

A Chance To Take Advantage Of The
“New World” Of Publishing

Think of the Kindle, Amazon, and Createspace as the iPod, iTunes, and Garageband of books.

Apple revolutionized the music industry with these products, allowing independent authors to produce and distribute their own music for relatively no cost.

Record labels no longer held the power.

Amazon has done the same with publishing.

Yet, many publishing companies cannot (or refuse to) to adapt…

Just as the music industry refused to see the change that come to its world.

Just A Guy Who Wanted A Nice eBook

About 3 years ago I got my first Kindle.

It was tough, because I like real books, but I came to love reading on the Kindle

Now I even prefer reading on a Kindle.

Even though I loved it, there was just one problem: kindle books.

They looked terrible!

You have to understand, I didn’t start out trying to publish books for people.

I started out as a Kindle reader that loved their Kindle, but hated most books on it because of the formatting.

They were filled with formatting errors that left the book unpleasant to read.

Things like:

  • An Inactive Table of Contents
  • Formatting that made text fit oddly on the screen
  • Artifacts left in the text (like HTML code and what-not)
  • And an overall disorganized feel to them

I came to learn that most publishing companies just ran their books through a piece of software that automatically “converted” them into Kindle books.

Adobe has even been so bold as to claim that InDesign can easily make Kindle books.

Yeah right!

Anyway, a few years ago I started learning how to reformat books for my own personal use. (Public Domain books – not books under copyright)

I just wanted to be able to enjoy them.

Then I realized other people might want more professionally formatted books as well.

So I started selling the books I had reformatted (like the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), and sure enough, people liked the higher quality format!

I soon realized that independent authors might like to take advantage of my skills as well.

And thus EPH was born.

Then Amazon came out with Createspace that allows individuals to publish physical editions of their books.

We then branched out into physically printed books to offer our customers a full publishing experience.

Just Look At These Examples:

Createspace Examples:

The Quick, Easy, And Professional Way
To Get Your Book Published

We take our work at EPH very seriously, and I promise you won’t find higher quality work out there.

We will take your manuscript and give you a book available to millions of readers.

You get:

  • A Kindle Edition specifically optimized for the premier e-reader.
  • A Nook Edition for all of the Barnes & Noble readers out there.
  • A iBooks Edition that reads flawlessly on the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone.
  • A Physical Book with professional cover and internal design (no one will know it is independently published)

From there, your book will be available to millions of readers.

We will even work with you to get them posted on all of the necessary sites.

How Does It Work?

It’s really quite simple.

This is the process:

  1. You give us your manuscript.
  2. We create 3 distinct digital editions optimized for the Kindle, Nook, and iBookstore.
  3. We generate the internal design of your physical edition.
  4. We produce a high quality cover that will dazzle your reader.
  5. Your book appears on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble’s Nooks website, and the iBookstore.

And we take your input throughout the entire process to make sure your book turns out the way you want it to.

What is Createspace?

Createspace is a subsidiary of Amazon.com that allows individuals to publish their own books on Amazon.

They do this via “print on-demand” technology.

Readers can go to Amazon.com, order your book, and Createspace prints a copy, packages it, and sends it off.

The fact that they allow anyone to publish is amazing.

It opens the door of publishing to everyone…

But at the same time you have to know what you’re doing.

“Why Not Just Do It Myself?”

The beautiful thing is that you can do all of this yourself!

It can just be a little complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are the general steps necessary:

  • Open a Kindle Direct Publishing Account.
  • Open a Pubit! (Nook) Account.
  • Open and iTunes Connect Account (iBookstore) and Apply for a contact to publish on the iBookstore.
  • Open a Createspace Account.
  • Code the HTML for a Kindle Edition, Nook Edition, and iBookstore Edition.
  • Determine the Trim Size of your physical book
  • Create the internal design for based on the tim size (taking into consideration margins, gutter, page numbers, header/footers, font size, line-spacing, section breaks, etc…)
  • Use the Createspace Cover Creator to make your cover (it’s easy, but not very professional looking)
  • Or make your own cover based on trim size and page length (for the spine)
  • Or hire someone to make the cover for you
  • Proof the book.
  • Handle all of the publishing details in Createspace, KDP, Pubit!, and iTunes Connect (including description page, cover upload, keyword selection, etc…)

Or you can just have us do it.

I’m not trying to flippant here.

You can do this.

But if this seems like a lot of work to you, then just let us handle it for you.

Check Out What These People Have To Say:

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes – Voice Over Xtra

I knew how to write a book, but I had no idea how to format one for standard e-readers! After months of careful effort crafting the text, the last thing I had patience for was learning formatting technology, then becoming proficient enough at it to bring a good-looking book to market.

So, I asked a friend who publishes eBooks for help, and he referred me to Sean Edwards. Sean’s clear guidance, careful attention to detail, and prompt service were a tremendous relief to me at a stressful time. His rates are reasonable, he always delivers more than he promises, and he’s usually early (before his promised deadline). Sean Edwards is a consummate professional anyone would be privileged to have on the team! Highly recommended.

- Elizabeth

Brad Haven – 89days.net

I had the concept and idea for my devotional book 89 days and wanted to publish it to Kindle – but I didn’t have the technical knowledge and experience. I found Edwards Publishing House and made contact with Sean. Sean was very helpful and and excited to work with me. I was full of questions concerning the publishing process and Sean took the time to answer each one. Sean was not only able to help me publish my book 89 Days on Kindle, but also on the Nook, (Barnes and Noble) on paperback with CreateSpace, (Amazon) and soon I will be on Apple’s iBookstore.

Edwards publishing team designed the cover and gave me several options to chose from. Sean was very accessible to work with through email, and was timely with the publishing process.

I highly recommend Edwards Publishing House.

- Brad Haven, 89days.net

John FLorian

John FLorian – Voice Over Xtra

In publishing our first eBook, we had no idea of the process involved to prepare the book for sale at the online retail sites like Amazon and the Apple Store. And I didn’t have time – or desire! – to learn and do the work ourselves.

Quite simply, we’re extremely thankful for learning about Sean and I feel he’s become a part of our team for future projects. Sean quickly explained the process to us, what needs to be done, and gave us an affordable quote. What’s more: he performed as promised, and then some! His service continues and is very much appreciated.

- John

Here’s What You Get With The EPH Platinum Package:

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  • Createspace Physical Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • Nook Edition
  • iBooks Edition
  • Professional Cover


Total Value:


What You Pay:



By Purchasing Our Services, you will get all of this at a ridiculously low price.

Just fill out the contact information below and I will get into contact with you within 1-2 business days.

It’s that easy.

You just a click away from having your book published.

Don’t Need The Whole Package? No Problem!

If you don’t need everything included in our Platinum Service, just contact us and we’ll figure out a plan that is right for you!

We’ll make sure you get the best service available at an unbeatable price.

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With other publishing houses, you’ll probably spend more money and get a lower quality product.

But here at Edwards Publishing House, we take pride in our work, so you’re guaranteed to get the best quality possible.

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If you have any questions about our services, please contact me.

I would love to answer them for you.

These are super low rates, and you’ll be hard pressed to find them anywhere else, especially for our level of workmanship.

For half of the price of an Apple iPad, you could have a beautifully formatted ebook ready to hit the public in no time.

I look forward to doing business with you.


Sean Edwards
Edwards Publishing House

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